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September 28, 2007

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last had an entry, but it has been one crazy summer, that’s for sure! I did not sleep much due to work, and school and well you, know what else comes with summer. I had a about a two week break before my summer classes started. I took 3 in the first session. So that meant going to school Monday-Friday from 8-3. I hadn’t gone to school 5 days a week since high school! And 8 am was tough, let me tell you! I played bar leaugue softball a few nights a week, and then there was Thursday is the Square and summer concerts (Roger Waters, I went Canandaigua on a mini-camping adventure to see O.A.R. and the Allman Brothers Band with Bob Weir and Ratdog…) and parties and I was squeezing my homework in there too! I managed to ace all my classes. I decided to take a philosophy class. That was incredibly challening, but I really enjoyed it. And my professor, John Draeger was a great instructor. My summer classes gave me an opportunity to venture out of the communication department. Which wasn’t something I had been able to do too much this past year. I took a sociology class, social movements and humanities. We got to read The Tempest, and I love Shakespeare. But my professor really reminded me of one of those “cat ladies” You know what I mean. The crazy woman who lives down the street from who has a ton of stinky cats! And working at Wegmans, where I got another promotion! I am now a Front End Coordinator, which basically means I run around at work like a chicken with my head cut off. No really. The little cashiers just think it looks cool becuase they give you a fancy phone, keys, walkie and pager. But its non-stop all day, everyday. Between running the board (the schedule) you are answering pages, which are mostly customer needs that send you most of the time on the other side of the store to take care of something or a cashier is having trouble with the new software on our registers, monitoring lines, and about 30 employees every shift. Yep. that’s right. And then there’s upper management delegating more responsibility out to you. As much as it sounds crazy, I kinda like it. So after summer classes which left me exhausted, which was my own fault, my second summer job started. I am a supervisor for the Depew Recreation Department. This job really is living the dream. I got paid to play kickball, plan field trips and arts and crafts for the 9 playgrounds in Depew. And got a ride in a sweet village car. hope you can pick up on my sacrasm when using the word “sweet.” However, that was probably my last summer (5 years now!) with that job. Because I am graduating in December. I AM COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. My summer was incredibly eventful and I spent it with the people who matter most.

So let me get into this semester. I have no time, for anything! Becuase I was so busy this summer I didnt get a chance to find an internship before school started. However, I was incredibly lucky becuase my freinds at the career development center (yes this is a plug for the CDC!) helped me find one. See, this is why you should go there. And I also got some tips on how to tweak my resume. This is important stuff! I am currently interning at SABAH. In case you didnt know, it the ice skating association for the blind and handi-capped. Its now known as “skating athletes bold at heart.” Its a therepeutic program that really makes a difference in peoples lives. That is why I really like what I am doing. In preparation for my interview and stuff, I had to buy a suit, which totally freaked me out. I wear jeans and sweats whenever possible. AHHH real world work clothes! But its worth the investment. Ladies, if you are reading this, check out Express. So with SABAH, I am working with their volunteer coordinator, Andrea who is also part of a service learning program! SEE! And Lynn, the Marketing and Development director.
b/c its a not-for-profit, everyone works together as a team. We are currently working on preparing for their Auction on November 11 at the Statler Towers. BC I am interested in event planning and fundraising and community relations, this is a perfect fit! I am learning all the details that go into planning a fundrasing event, and its a lot! I even have my own cubicle and i have huge list of things to do! Such as write press releases, update their web site, design the auction program cover and create a tri-fold brochure for the tables at the auction. And I will get to get on the ice with kids and volunteers, which I am really looking forward to. When you do that, you really get a feel for what we are trying to accomplish.

Whew. Then with my classes and work, I am busy all the time! Anthother thing I am actually pretty excited about is that for the Campaigns in Public Relations class, with Jeff Paterson, I get to work with Jericho Road Ministries again. One of the most fulfilling experiences I have had in college was listening to them present the organization to the class. And while they were talking about the programs they offer the community, they brought up The Priscilla Project! And they kept the name I chose and a lot of the ideas I incorporated into my service-learning project! That pretty much is amazing!

And its also football season! I went to the homeopener…..haha. And besides that, we got tickets for the ice bowl! something to look forward to!!!!!! I have just decided that I am not going to bed on New Years Eve!

This blog was really long. I think its time to shut up now. haha!


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welcome back, welcome back, welcome backā€¦

Posted by: VerySlowMan [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 29, 2007 09:13 PM

Wow great post, very entertaining. The parts I relate to the most are about the outdoors. Any chance I get to go hiking, camping, boating, or just being on the open road I gladly take it. Wyoming has great campgrounds. The last time I was there with my family we were able to find a perfect campground near a lake. It was a while back so I don't remember the exact location. We went rving across the country that summer and I've been posting my travel adventure for all to see.

Posted by: wmetellus [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2008 01:45 AM

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