October 10, 2007

well, its official. this semester is officially driving me crazy. it seriously feels like every part of my day is planned out, all the time! ughh! slightly frustrating. but this blog will not be a rant session. who wants to read that!? i know i wouldn’t want to.
so, let’s start with SABAH. today we went to the statler towers to create a floor plan for our auction. so we met with the events coordinator who talked us through our set up, and we get to utilize two of the ballrooms. when the rennovations are done, it is going to be such an amazing peice of architecture. from the pillars to the ceiling there is so much detail in every piece of that building, i just love it! that is one thing our city has. amazing architecture and character. throughout every neighborhood, each is different and brings a different flavor or history. BUFFA-LOVE. don’t hate. embrace this place we call home! it has a lot to offer, and sometimes you just have to look for it.
tommorow at the office i will finish up the tri-fold brochure i was working on and will start to design the cover for the auction book.
something else i need to do: i need to write a cover letter this week. the museum of disABILITY history is currently looking for an event planner. so i have to get my butt in gear and write this (we all know that i am a procrastinator!) and even just to interview or come on board part time would be great for the experience. SABAH has really gotten me interested in this topic. people need to know these kinds of things! its ignorant not to! <—————-GO HERE. CHECK IT OUT.
so, fall is my favorite season. i love everything about it. but one things i dont really understand is why girls are wearing spandex as just pants? with a longer shirt? but why spandex? it is not 1989. and i am not a big fan of this fashion trend. i think i would look ridiculous! but spandex…something to think about ladies!
on a more political note, i read something the other day that kind of upset me. the US is going to expand their base in afghanistan out of necesity. it just seems like it is never going to end. and maybe it hits closer to home bc a good freind of mine is going to be deployed there for a year.
monday night football is a topic i dont really want to talk about. i was there, it was heartbreaking. but, like i said before BUFFA-LOVE. i still “billieve.” and so should you. until next time…..

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