its finally fall!

October 25, 2007

what a nutty few weeks it has been! i have been averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night the past 2 weeks. no joke. its been pretty busy at SABAH. we are in the final stages of planning our auction. (which is on november 10, in case anyone was wondering.) ive been going to the rinks on the weekend and taking pics of all the athletes and getting quotes from them to put in a brochure that will be on all the tables at the auction. i also have been put in charge of another project. this past week i booked a spot on channel 2’s morning show, spot 2 be. we will be at spot coffee on wedsnesday, november 7 promoting our organization and the auction. we will bring some athletes with us and some of our live auction items as well. daybreak does this monday-friday and lets non-profits and other organizations promote their event. i think thats a pretty good way to get community involvement. im just a little nervous about speaking on camera! ah! hopefully there will be free coffee involved, because i am not a morning person! speaking of perks, i got to go to the sabres vs. leafs game! our executive director was given complimentary tickets from the buffalo sabres and everyone in the office got to go! (and not to mention, i got my picture taken with sabretooth!) this week i also was able to go UB on monday and take part in a volunteer fair. my supervisor and i set up a table with all of our info. and got to talk to potential volunteers and people that were interested in SABAH. i liked it because it was a change of pace from sitting in the office. and UB is sooo different from buff state. wow.
so the real reason why i havent been getting much sleep is due to my COM 418 class. the past few weeks my group and i have been putting together our public relations campaign for jericho road ministries. im going to throw it out there that on sunday, we were all in the study quad until 5 AM. if i never do that again i think ill be a happy girl. our presentation to our clients was on tuesday night. this project was a pretty big deal because this is what we have been studying and learning how to do for the past 4 years! kind of like a culmination of things, very relieved that its over. but we really nailed the presentation. if the client picks us, we get an A automatically! woohoo! and what makes me even more excited is that our client was Jericho Road Ministries and i am huge supporter of what they are trying to accomplish. (i also spent an entire semester last year working with them, so they have i have a soft spot for them!) and the strides they have made in just one year are amazing. the rennovations made the office and the new programs they have implemented like financially fit (a program that teaches men and women how to balance their finances) and the west side read and play (which lets volunteers go 2x a week read to toddlers and teach their parents positive child-parent interaction and skills) will really benefit the communities. if you wanna volunteer, check out their website!!!!
i also had the pleasure of attending 2 of the writing workshops the career development center offers. the cover letter and interview workshops today were incredibly helpful. i am in the process of writing my first one now. if you are graduating soon, you should really check them out. its the little bits of information that provide that really make a difference such as how to format a cover letter (which i had no clue) or what to wear and how to act. like small details such as don’t drink the water! no literally, if they offer you a drink of water or coffee, always say no. it comes off like you are mooching. and essentially, the person you are interviewing owes you nothing. its your time to shine. but really, if you are smart and ambitious student, like i know all of you are, please go. they are incredibly useful.
in more good news, i met a new guy. we have gone out 4 times, hes just wonderful. and hes a police officer and a perfect gentleman. and its halloween weekend, and i have all kinds of fun things planned! maybe ill see some of you downtown on saturday!

i graduate in one month and 19 days. life is good :)

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