its that time of year again….

November 15, 2007

well the holidays are rapidly approaching and it makes me wonder where the year has gone?!?! it really has flown by and i cant believe its thanksgiving again next week! thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday, but this year, ill be spending it in the b-lo and not going to texas to visit my mom. its kind of a bummer, but i just dont have the extra time or cash this semester. but they will all be home for christmas!
but before i even prepare for the holidays, lets talk about finishing school! ahhhhhhhhhhh! no really, thats how i feel this semester. so much hw, and projects and presentations!
well, in our campaigns in pr class, Jericho Road Ministries did in fact, “pick” our group! which is pretty exciting, because that makes for an automatic “A” on the project! woohoo! we all worked really hard, and im glad. and now for the second half of our project, its our job to produce some of the materials essential to the campaign plan. ive been busting my tail in philosophy the past few weeks trying to get my grades up. and this week, i am currently reading Pascal’s Pensees if your up for some thinking outside of the box, read him or david hume. yikes! it pretty much gives one a whole new perspective on things. in our comm. research class, we have been selling our souls trying to get people to fill out our surveys. currently have a running tally of 203! and think we are going to call it quits. this is totally my least favorite project of the semester! but we are almost done! :)
and i bet you are all wondering about SABAH! the past few weeks there have been pretty crazy! we had our big fundraising auction this past saturday at the statler towers. thats were i spent most of my time/week last week! it was a huge success with over 300 people there! and i know we reached our monetary goals! not sure on the exact numbers, but it was pretty great to see everything fall into place at the event. i was put in charge of volunteers during the auction, and as a result, i lost my voice haha. which is a surprise! on november 7, my boss andrea and i were on channel 2’s morning show to promote the auction. it was the little project i was in charge of and it went really well! chesley the weather man is a nice guy! im not going to lie, i was soooo nervous to talk on camera. it really does scare me! and me of all people, who talks to everyone and brings a camera everywhere, hates talking on camera! ironic, i know. but my boss ended up saying all my lines cus he (chesley mcneil) handed the mic to andrea first, and it was a sigh of relief for this red head! if anyone is up for a good laugh, check it out at then click on the daybreak link, then spot 2 be! look for us…SABAH! i really do enjoy interning there, the staff truley does appreciate all the work ive done, and ive been able to learn so much as well. currently at 103 hours, only 47 to go!
which brings me to my next countdown…..28 days left of school!!!!!!!!! 31 days until my 22 birthday too! (in case you were wondering) things with the police officer are going great! he will be home last week and will be home for turkey day too! :) i really cant complain about too much, and now i have to go watch grey’s anatomy! ahhhh i love thursdays!
happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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