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November 09, 2006

I think today is the first Thursday of the semester where it has not rained, snowed, sleeted etc. My fellow classmates and I have come to the conclusion that every Tuesday and Thursday, (which also happen to be the days I come to school) some kind of precipitation falls. And today is surprisingly sunny and warm, and its noon! And I left my umbrella in the car today….so hopefully I won’t need it later.

The semester is starting to wind down, and I am really looking forward to a much needed semester break! I registered for classes next semester, and I have another full course load! Only two left! And of course when I go to register (at 1am, ahem) SABRE won’t even load onto my computer because the server is so jammed. So ask me when I finally was able to log on. Well let me tell you, it was 4AM. That’s right, I was so aggravated I just went to bed and set my alarm. I got all the classes I wanted, however, one class in particular, which shall remain nameless, was full before I was even able to register, leaving me to take it with the alternative professor. I hope you can sense the joy I am feeling about that. Ha.

Anywho, back to my Service Learning Project. I received a really nice email from Matt Tice @ Jericho Road Ministries thanking me for all my effort this semester. It also had a suggestion about how I worded a sentence or two. And his suggestion makes the information flow much more smoothly (does that sound right?) I think you get the hint. I am also going to change the brochure from a 3 fold design to a 4-fold. That way, it will have a tear-off portion for potential volunteers to send us their information. Also, this way, I can add more pictures to the brochure. I think this is going to look really nice when it’s all done. After I get that finished, I have to start revising my portfolio for my COM308 class. Because I am pretty sure that Jericho Road Ministries is getting a copy of that as well. I have to find all my papers, and I’m really hoping that I saved everything, so I can just revise it on my computer. But, knowing me, I probably didn’t. I didn’t start doing that until a few weeks ago. Fantastic! Ha.

Our first volunteer also went through her Introductory Orientation. Laura is now waiting to see who she will be mentoring! WOOHOO! It’s neat to see this plan take action! So far, everything is running smoothly over there! I can’t really complain.

Well, I’ve gotta run to a PRSSA meeting now. Until next time…..

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