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December 11, 2006

here i am with one day left of the semester……

and i’m so glad its over! the past few days have been pretty busy….
last week i was very honored to recieve an award for all my work this semester. I was awarded Outstanding Student Community Service in a Service- Learning Course of 15 hours a week or more. It was a really great way to cap off the semester. And I am very thankful to be recognized.

My brochure for The Priscilla Project came in very useful for Jericho Road Ministries. Matt used it in meeting that helped them acquire a grant to get the project rolling! They liked my idea and the approach that I took! That is a huge accomplishment, and I’m really glad I was a part of it!

Tommorow is a fun-filled day.

And i hope u can pick up on my sarcasm here. I have my ANT 101 exam tommorow. Note to self: i should have bought the book this semester. woopsies. I also have my final presentation tommorow for COM 307. and we have to be videotaped, and i’m trying to figure out what to wear. i sound like such an airhead. but i really don;t want to wear heels all day trucking around on campus. cus really, i would wear sweatpants everyday if i could. and really, in the summertime, im lucky if i have shoes on. wow, who sounds like a dirty hippie right now? ME. and i’d rather be comfy walking the 1000000000000000000 miles it takes me to get from car in the parking lot to lets say, ummmmm ketchum hall. with the wind blowing in my face, and it being roughly 10 degrees colder on campus then in depew. that’s a typical morning at buff state!

tommorow evening will be a celebration as far as i’m concerned! but not too big, because i’m saving all my energy for the best day of the year. (saturday, december 16th) in case you were wondering. it’s my birthday and i’ll be painting the town my favorite color. ha!

check this out……this is so random!

thats a lot of vegetables……

christmas time is here, and i can’t wait to actually enjoy the season! this is the first xmas is 5 years that i haven’t been working at old navy, and i actually have a life. i made cookies with my cousin this weekend, and if you know us, you know we don’t cook, or bake for that matter. but they came out delicious, and my shrinking grandmother (i think) will actually eat them this year! and i have to start shopping…….

until next time!!!!!!

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Dr. Silverman and I at the awards luncheon. She also won for being an outstanding professor in a service-learing course. but i could have told you that!
(thats brownie points right there! hehe)

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