February 13, 2008

Fashion in Sports

It’s a well known fact that the target customer for sports is men. These days women are beginning to be more interested in sports. This would mean that they would probably want to represent their favorite teams or athletes by wearing clothes that show them. Therefore, demand in women’s sports apparel would increase. But, it is hard to find sports clothes that are made for women. In most cases, there are only t-shirts with the sports team on it. And most of the time, they are not really made for a woman’s body. I have a Buffalo Sabres t-shirt, but I do not like the fit at all. It is still too big on me, and I like my shirts to be fitted. I see girls around campus wearing the Sabres jersey or the Sabres sweatshirts, and they look really big on them. But, maybe they don’t mind the fit. Personally, I like to wear clothes that are flattering on me, and don’t like to wear big baggy clothes. Another thing that they do for women’s apparel in sports is that they have pink t-shirts and pink jerseys. I’m not really fond of that idea because I still like to wear the sports team’s color. Although, I do own a pink Buffalo Sabres t-shirt. The only reason I bought it is because I could not find any feminine sports clothing! So, I thought it might be a really good idea if there was a clothing line for women that want to wear feminine and flattering apparel and still represent their favorite team! Then, I heard about Alyssa Milano starting a clothing line called Touch. Here are a few examples of her clothes.
As you can see, the clothes are really trendy, stylish, and fashionable! I like how they all look like everyday clothes that I would wear on a daily basis, and the sports team’s symbol is not too big or obnoxious. I would predict that many women would be buying these clothes.
Her line is doing really well in the MLB and NFL. Therefore, she expanded her line and she decided to do one for the NHL. Here is an example:
There are not many clothing options to choose from in the NHL line yet. I think they are still working on making clothes for all the NHL teams. Hopefully there will be clothes of the Buffalo Sabres in the Touch line, since they are my favorite team, and I would definitely buy them.
My cousin and I are interested in somehow creating women’s apparel soley for the women Sabres fans. I think this would be a really good business since almost everyone here in Buffalo are Sabres fans, and there are probably more women fans here than in other cities in the U.S. My cousin has talked to the Sabres management about this, too. So, we will see what happens!

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