October 24, 2006

banana chips

As you can tell, the title of my entries reflect what i’m doing when I’m typing. Right now I’m eating banana chips.

Anne Frank will open in two weeks from this thursday - HOW CRAZY. I feel like we just started. We’ve all taken huge steps in rehearsal and now since we’re all off book we can work on details - cause and affect. Establishing relationships between characters will be clearer and easier without having to carry around the script, searching for lines. I’ve found, especially since I’ve been studying improv, that listening on stage SAVES you. It sounds like a simple concept, but it’s often difficult to stay focused when you’re worried about forgetting your line or when something interesting is happening on stage. Also, our generation and culture is so distracting that listening is like a lost art to most. Last week I was frustrated since I couldn’t seem to jump into the correct diary moment after a scene was over. My challenge was to figure out a way to make this transition organic where I could no longer contain myself and needed to “write.” The sollution was, simply, listening. Sometimes I still get a little anxious right before I’m suppose to “write my diary” but then a word or phrase jumps out and hits me in either a radio broadcast or the last line said. The tactic is working, hoorah!

I believe we’re going to have great audiences. People from the Buffalo community are excited about the show as well as parents/friends/profs etc. Also, we have a very large group of high school students coming the see morning shows on the 14th and 15th of november. I have to miss class - DARN!

I dont know if I should call myself an actor. I always feel odd when I do. Maybe it’s the flamboyant, arrogant stereotype that always goes with it and I don’t want to be viewed like that - ever. However I like to think of actors as public servants - because we are when you think about it. We experience the extremes of all emotions in front of an audience so they can vicariously live through us and see a whole other world. After a show it’s always interesting to see how theatre may have affected your opinion on a certain subject. Also, mayeb what memories popped into your head where you might have felt the same in a similar situation. Theatre is a simplified concentration of life… in an hour and a half to two hours the audience will experience life, love, loss, pain, joy, passion, anger, hate - and at the end, there’s a cathartic moment! Sit back, take it in, breathe…

So much more entertaining than watching TV.

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Anything is better live, whether music, theatre, sports- There's just something about that collective emotion that makes it so much more powerful!

Posted by: Eli B. [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 31, 2006 09:42 AM

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