October 12, 2006

Breaking branches

Today’s weather went as follows: overcast morning with a bit of drizzle. late morning had sunshine, some rain, a rainbow, then a bit of sleet. At around 2pm the snow started coming down and it really hasn’t let up yet. Weird. Yep… It’s October 12th and Buffalo has a nice layer of wet, heavy snow on the ground. The trees haven’t even lost all of their leaves yet! The weight from the snow is making the branches bend and snap off the trees… put your car in the garage.

I have a lot of work to do. I’m very near to being off book for tomorrow’s rehearsal, there’s only a couple of monologues that are split up between me and another character that I have to go over. It’s a tad difficult. So yay for being off book. At the moment i’m ‘flat lining’ because i’m irritable, swamped with a billion and one things I could be doing, and all I really wanna do is yell and pitch a huge fit. That won’t do so here I am breathing heavily.

There’s a gala at the Burchfield I’d like to work tomorrow, only I have a rehearsal to go to. All’s well and i’m cool with that… I’ll miss the crowd i usually hang with there though.

I have not seen my favorite bestest bud Abby in four hundred years.

This weekend is another field trip adventure (hopefully) with Heather. We’re planning on heading to Doors Open Niagara. The US and Canadian landmarks (museums, galleries, bldgs, etc) are all open to the public as a festival this weekend. www.doorsopenniagara.com

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