October 17, 2006


Snow this early?! If I were mother nature I would have held off on the snow for another month or so. Buffalo’s trees are crushed! This last weekend was strange… no electricity or heat in our apartment sent rachel and I outside wandering Buffalo to keep warm. Walking helped where our chilly apartment did not.

You never meet a stranger in Buffalo when lake effect snow happens… people always offer help — and beer.

Aside from our devastating snow storm, driving bands, and power outages… the weekend went well. In rehearsal on Sunday we did a stumble through of act one which made me realize that I am about 80% off book. It did go well however. I’m learning to share the diary’s as though they had just come to me, rather than announcing them like I’m reading them right from the page. Since I do not have a scene partner in the diary moments it’s tough when I don’t see the person I’ve chosen to talk to … In acting I and II it is important to fully understand the concept of “who am I, where am I, and what do I want?” so instead of reciting a monologue, objectives are being persued. It makes remembering lines easier because they just naturally come to you instead of fishing for lines… it’s in you’re body and out of your head. I have to be off book for Act II by the end of this week, so I guess i need to pay attentioned these techniques and make it work. Yesterday I had trouble falling into the diary entries and it’s because I was not paying attention to my who i was talking to and the actions I wanted to play on that person.

I have two tests tomorrow. I’ve been staying on campus with friends to keep warm, living out of duffle bags and eating Kashi cereal, soy milk, bananas and oatmeal. EXCITING!!!!

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