November 17, 2006

mac truck

that’s what my body feels like it’s been hit by: a mac truck.

after my voice and movement class on wed. my prof. gerry gave me some advise. Since I’m comfortable wtih Anne I have the opportunity to experiment on stage with breath and voice techniques. It isn’t every moment that I focus on technique because watching an actor work on their technical process is BORING. However, at a couple over the top emotional scenes I allowed myself to see what else I was capable of. Of course Gerry was right… he’s always right. Ha! I know I can breathe into my backribs for support and a full voice with a full range. When I let the muscles totally relax and use my back ribs the emotional stakes are higher, taking my acting to a nerve racking place. It’s horribly uncomfortable because I feel like I’m utterly out of control yet I still know my lines and blocking. Muscle memory is an actors best friend.

I was talking to “Mrs. Van Daan” - my friend Bethany about that “being out of control” feeling. It might feel awkward but it looks great to the audience. Hopefully something good happened. Drew wasn’t at the show because he’s slowly gaining his family life back after directing our family, so the cast won’t get notes about the show tonight. Notes are what the director gives a cast after a rehearsal or show. He/She will say likes and dislikes, what needs to be worked on, suggestions, advice… etc etc.

Some good friends of mine came tonight. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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