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My name is Christina Golab, I am a fourth year theater major who dabbles in dance. I’m from Lackawanna, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo. My family is straight off the boat from Poland, so I’m first generation which is pretty cool. I actually didn’t start doing theater until my junior year of high school. I had always had an interest and admired from afar-then one day I just sucked it up and auditioned for a musical and got cast. From that moment on I was in love.

November 26, 2007


OK so Hair auditions were yesterday. I can honestly say that it was the most fun I had at an audition. The dance combination was fun and really just a blast. I think the atmosphere in the room helped also. I was surrounded by friends and the movement was just so fun to do that it didn’t feel like an audition, also the choreographer was very good with keeping the room at ease. Then I had about a two hour break to get changed and ready to sing. I am not vocally trained, but when you sing a song that you enjoy doing that’s all the matters because then they can see you. So i just had fun and was myself. Callbacks are on the third of December and I get to read a side. I’m excited!

November 16, 2007

Where to begin?

Whew things got crazy real fast here. I have no idea where to start. I performed at the grand opening of the Alt Theater in Buffalo which was fantastic and such a fun experience. I’m really glad I got to do it, dance is something I just discovered that I really like doing. I guess it also helps that dancing is getting me into better shape but I really enjoy it.
I finished my solo show…..thank goodness :) I’m actually really happy with the way it turned out. I was so nervous that I was never going to finish it because I just had no clue where to go with it. One of the problems I was having was that I had no idea where I was setting it. My first run through for the class was great, but they noticed it too. I then just tried random different places but nothing was working which made me stress out a little bit. Then on Tuesday on my long ride to Elma it hit me! My beginning changed a little bit and I had to take out a part that didn’t make sense anyway but I did it! It came to me as soon as I stopped pushing for creativity to come to me.
I had a little set back right before Antigone opened. Towards the middle of tech I started to take myself out of the character. I knew somethign felt wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then as soon as Drew called me on it, my lightbulb went on. Ever since I’ve felt so much more connected to the show.

October 11, 2007

Aches and Pains

We had a different teacher in modern dance on Tuesday and let me tell you, my back is killing me. But definately in a good way. At the time I was stretching and having a blast obviously not believing Carlos when he said to pop some aspirin because we would be hurting in the morning, then I woke up the next morning. Yesterday I swear I felt 82 the way I was walking around, but today is better I have a lot more mobility. Speaking of mobility October 27 is when we’re moving into the new house and I couldn’t be more excited! The only thing I’m nervous about is getting up in the morning because I need to leave my house an extra half hour earlier than I do now and I definately hit snooze for an hour after my alarm goes off. :) Looks like I’ll be drinking a lot more caffeine or taking naps. Rehearsals for Antigone are great. I really love the language. I think it really helps me stay connected and because of that I hit places emotionally that I don’t think I have before this early on. At the end of some rehearsals I am just drained and I love it. I really can’t wait until we’re on the set, there’s a ton of levels and I just can’t wait to play on it. I get so excited about little things. Cheers!

October 04, 2007

Opening Night!!!

Czesc! That’s hey in Polish. So tonight is the opening of Baltimore Waltz. Last night they had their preview that I heard went very well. After every opening we have a party at Cole’s (that’s a restaurant/bar down the street). It’s a great time because it’s very casual and theres free food and we mingle. I’ve formed strong bonds because of those nights. Everyone has a very busy schedule and it’s nice to collectively get together and relax. So yesterday I went with two of the cast members to Party City to get decorations for the event. It was a riot! We got a lot of fun stuff, one of those things being a pinata! Exciting I know.
I handed in my first draft of my solo show yesterday. That was a huge weight off my shoulders, but it’s not over yet. I know that if I just stop worrying about it so much it’ll be great. This week went by super quick. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Yesterday Candace and I chalked the campus for Baltimore Waltz. I felt like such a little kid again writing on the sidewalks with chalk. I definately think we should do that all the time.
So with all the crazy stuff going on with school my family is in the process of moving. My dad is just finishing building a house in Elma that is absolutely gorgeous. And we are moving in there in about two weeks. So now comes the task of packing 20 some odd years worth of stuff in boxes. FUN! I’m really looking forward to it because I love unpacking stuff…..wierd I know. But the new house is such a beautiful upgrade. Well, till next time! Love love love.

September 26, 2007


So yesterday I had my first test in Theater History. The questions that always screw me up are those that have all of the above…….I just sit there and stare at the answers and don’t go with my first instinct, which is usually right. I always think “Is this a trick?” and usually it isn’t and I make it harder than it is. Other than that I think I did pretty OK.
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders this week. I was taught this week that sometimes it’s OK to sit in the argument for a while and not to try to hurry and fix it because if you just wait it could possibly work itself out. So all that added stress is definately not needed.
On a darker side of things, I’m sick. There has been something going around and unfortunately I caught it. I’m a fighter so I know this will be no big deal. I took some nighttime medicine last night and I’m already starting to feel better. It gets so confusing sometimes because I’m never sure if it’s my allergies or not. When I’m sick sometimes I do my best work because I’m not pushing. So actually I’m kinda excited that I’m sick, however wierd that sounds.



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