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Hi! I am Jessica K Huber, I am going into my fourth semester here at Buff State. My major: theatre. My track: acting. I love performing and was priveleged to have been part of The Heidi Chronicles, The Rocky Horror Show, student directed productions of Beauty,Glenngary Glenn Ross and A Fatal Game on campus. Over the summer I worked off-campus with Tornspace Theatre in The Devils, Angel in Black for the Buffalo Infringement Festival and was even lucky enough to perform in the New York City Fringe Festival with Muriel Vanderbilt Goes Walking. Before coming to Buffalo I lived in Germany where I did a few shows at the Wiesbaden State Theatre. And this semester I’m looking forward to playing Cecile in Le Liasions Dangereuses. My goal: to be a professional actor.

May 02, 2006

drew says…

drew (acting teacher, in charge of blog here) says to keep posting especially when we are very busy. well, that would be now!
let me briefly write about my weekend. wait… di i even write about getting the part? that part, in the play next semester (Stop Kiss)? I got it!!! I am so happy, excited and sooo nervous. It is such a big deal to me. This is exactly what I need in my process right now. I am so happy the director saw something in me and that my department has faith in me… I can’t wait. The first read is tomorrow.
But this weekend… Friday night i opened a show at tornspace theatre called quills. saturday morning i had a tech rehearsal for a fatal game, which is a play written and directed by chris gannon, a student here. we performed it downtown at the smith theatre in connection with a highschool playwrighting competition. in the afternoon i had an audition at the irish classical theatre, a professional (paying!) theatre downtown. I GOT CALLED BACK FOR TWO THINGS! yeah!! then I had to ride my bike back over to the east side and do a show at night. sunday afternoon we performed a fatal game, went to get coffee with my uncle and his girlfriend, then rode back to the theatre and did quills (with the artvoice reviewer there). in between all of this i was trying to figure out issues with this guy i’ve been seeing the past ten months…oh AND studying for finals. I feel so alive!
Call me a workaholic but i love this! I am so happy… it’s such a good feeling to have work lined up. it will make relaxing after this semester so much more rewarding, knowing i am resting to go back for more. i have been bitten and infected with the theatre bug and i am addicted to it!
people may think i am too happy or bragging about things but that is really not my purpose. it’s just so wonderful. for someone who really knows what sad is, happy is such an exciting and new territory. i want to savor it becuase i know bad times are probably around the bend.
well, off to studying now…!

April 24, 2006

kinda nervous

ok, so saturday were callbacks for Stop Kiss (one of the plays next semester). A bunch of us are sitting around, nervously discussing and wishing they would just put up the cast list. Either way, whether I get cast or not, I just wanna know! Of course I reallly would like to be cast, I fell in love with the play, one character in particular, but if it doesn’t happen I’d like to know, so I can start getting over it….. Anyhow,… I really like this play. If I’m not cast I really want to do something on it maybe (assistant)stage- managing? I would love to work with the director, she seems like a very cool lady with good ideas… besides I’ve never worked with a female director… well, off to do some more work, to become even more overwhelmed with the stress of this semester. Almost over…

April 19, 2006

did something bad today

We had a class today and the professor wasn’t there. We were supposed to do an exercise without him. I started to but then I got upset and sat out. I was partially angry and partially anxious. Two people were still missing and I thought it would be better to wait so the group wouldn’t be interrupted when they did come. Some person decided no and so we started. But then, even though a few of us had said this particular exercise was going too fast, the group was speeding through. Why was everyone in such a hurry? We had the whole period to do it and then work on a project. I understand the concept of “too bad” if you’re late, but this was a group thing. You can’t start rehearsal that requires everyone if people are missing either. Unless there’s an understudy or something… at our level though, unfortunately I feel need to get off their friggin high horses and try to do this together.
Everyone has a certain edginess to them right now. End of the semster stress, it’s understandable but annoying.

Gotta go to rehearsal now. Then to another rehearsal after that. This week are auditions for Stop Kiss. I am excited. I did a bad job last time I auditioned for her, I want to do better this time.

April 18, 2006

catching the worm

The early bird actually stayed up late to come back to school and wait until it turns midnight to register for classes on the 19th. It’s surprising so many people are actually here at the library. It was hard to find a computer. I guess either more than one person has my idea or everyone is trying to finish final papers and projects.

God, what an incredibly long day it’s been… I actually had a chance at one point to go home and take a nap and make dinner but that was unfortunately to the wonderful background “music” of fighting neighbours (which errupted into domestic violence last week). I live off-campus in an apartment because I wanted more peace and quiet than I thought I would get dorming, but recently this young couple moved in above me. They too are students but somehow I think they didn’t realize living with someone is not like playing house. The amount of drugs they consume probably doesn’t help either. Not to forget the pitbull they just got that routinely leaves presents at the bottom of the stairs.
Aww… a friend of mine is doing tech work for the upcoming dance concert and he just wrote me a text message to see if I’m alright. I wrote him earlier when they were being extremely loud because their violence really scares me. There’s a certain level where my tolerance for messed up people ceases and I feel the urge to save the world. Or at least not let it destroy me.

Oooh, I’m so excited. I got comp tickets to go see a show downtown opening night. I am already thinking about what to wear. Oh, I am such a girl sometimes! People who know me from school are surprised I clean up so well. Most of the time I’m wearing very,very casual clothes…. but when it’s time to go out, watch out! And I have so much fun, looking pretty, talking to friends I’ve done shows with but haven’t seen in a while or meeting new people with new ideas, new stories and maybe new connections!

Life is busy but exciting right now. A friend of mine jokingly said “get a life” to me the other day and my reply was: My life is full. It made me smile.

April 17, 2006

artistic dilemma

So, this weekend i started working on a play. I am actually writing it. It’s weird. I have tried before but somehow this weekend I got out most of my ideas. I obviously didn’t finish it or even a rough draft, but I do have an outline or a skeleton of 10 scenes. It’s so exciting. I am in such a weird place now. I don’t want to talk to anyone or do anything but get back to it. Like I am possessed or have some kind of holy-spirit-like thing (hope that’s not sacreligious…?).
The dilemma I am now in is that it is quite personal and if I finish it and try to produce it could I act in it? Could I direct it? Eastwood does it right? Writer/director/actor…. Don’t want to be selfish about it but somehow I think I could play this character the best. It’s me. Well, how about I finish the darn thing first? :) That’s so like me, to jump ahead to things I really don’t need to be thinking about. Off to eat before class, definitely need energy for a movement class! Goodbye whoever might be reading this…



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