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My name is Amy Laemmerhirt and I am a senior in Technical Theater and Design, although I probably have at least another year here. Last semester was my first as a theater major. I have had two previous majors, Fine Art and Communication Design. During my time here, I hope to focus on the design aspects of theater, especially set design.

December 12, 2007

Last Day

My last day of exams is tommorrow! Hooray! I’m so glad the semesters almost over, even though I had a lot of fun. I’m excited to be able to paint and read again. I just started East of Eden, and I can’t wait to have time to read it more. I just finished writing my ten page paper for my script analysis class. It was actually a lot of fun. I wrote about Macbeth and I really love writing about Shakespeare. I’m such a dork! It made me like the play even more than I already did. I haven’t wrote about Shakespeare since my freshman year, when I wrote about Coriolanus for english 102.

My lighting design project went very well on Monday. I feel like our group accomplished what we wanted to. I’m very glad that I kept the amount of cues to a minimum now, I felt very nervous about it before. The other groups also did very well I think. I was a bit surprised at how many people felt that they didn’t have enough time. For some reason, I have had a lot of group projects through college with limited time, so I feel like I was sort of prepared for it. I also like working with limited time, it keeps my procrastination to a minimum.

December 06, 2007

End of the Semester

Today was my last normal class day, next week is final projects and exams. Today was basically just reviews and tying up loose ends. I’m really going to miss my classes! Script analysis was a ball! I don’t think I disliked any of my classes. Yesterday my group and I worked in the flexible theatre focusing our lights for our final project. It’s going fairly well, I think. I’m very nervous about programming the light board tommorrow, I’ve never done it before. Oh, I found out I’m working on the same segment of the dance concert as Liz! I’m so excited! Sorry it’s so short guys, I have to write my paper!

November 30, 2007

Moon for the Misbegotten

Thursday was a rather exciting day! The spring dance concert preview was during Bengal Pause and it was really cool. I can’t wait to start working on it! I really loved the first piece, I hope it’s the one I get to design for. But, honestly, I really loved all of the pieces. I never thought I would take an interest in dance until I saw my first dance concert here. I also saw Moon for the Misbegotten at the Irish Classical. It was one of the best perfomances I ever saw. The actress who played Josie was amazing. She totally embodied her character the entire time. I was really amaed to find out that she doesn’t have an Irish brougue in real life.The talk back afterwards was amusing. A man asked why they were so quiet at one point that he couldn’t hear them and the actress playing Josie offered to do the scene for him later, jokingly of course!

I actually don’t have much to do this weekend, homework wise. Just a play to read for theatre history. But, on a completley unrelated note, I got to see the coolest thing at work today. Normally, we don’t do surgeries at our clinic on Fridays, but a big shepherd mi had a tooth abcess and our doctor did surgery on him. It was so neat to see a sugery! I’m usually running around helping with it, but this time I was able to watch the whole thing! It was a bit gruesome, but totally worth it.

November 25, 2007

Happy Late Turkey Day!

Oy, I had every intention of posting earlier, but, thanksgiving and stuff. My thanksgiving was great! I had to work in the morning, but my brother taped the Macys parade for me, I hate to miss it! I got to see my family for the first time in what seemed like forever. I ate way to much and played with nerf guns with my little cousins.

Last week school-wise was really fun. Monday in practicum I finished the ironing board that was started the week before. It was really cool to see that thing finished. In lighting design we learned how to program the light board again. That class is still giving me a heart attack! We have the renderings due Wendesday and I still only have three fully done. I’m still trying to figure out one of the cues.

On Tuesday theater history was first. We discussed some of the Elizabethan playwrights. Go Marlowe! We also watched this bizzare documentary on how, apparently, Marlowe faked his own death and a replacement body was thrown in the Thames. Instead of having script analysis we went to campus house instead. That was super fun. I hadn’t had coffee in ages. I have to read A Moon for the Misbegotten for Tuesday and I’m having the hardest time with it for some reason. I really didn’t have a problem reading A Long Days Journey into Night, but that might have been because it was during the summer and I really didn’t have other things going on.

November 15, 2007


I had a lovely past couple of days! Antigone opened on Thursday and it was very exciting. Even though I didn’t work much on the production I still enjoyed opening night. I think I was very excited for all of the people I knew in the show, and they all did great! It was so cool seeing people I had worked with in acting one take the stage and to see how much they had progressed.

I also saw Camelot on Sunday. It was very strange to be in Shea’s again. I hadn’t been their since I have become a theater major and it was a very differerent experience. I’ve seen so many productions in smaller theaters and it was weird to be in a crowd that big. The show was amazing though! Lou Diamond Philips was one of my first crushes and I was totally star struck when he stepped on stage. His voice wasn’t terribly strong, but he was such a charming King Arthur it didn’t matter.

Classes are bit crazy right now, seeing as how it’s getting towards the end of the semester. I have a paper due Tuesday that I completely forgot about. Luckily, it’s not too long. Lighting design has been my hardest class this semester simply because I have never thought in terms of lighting before. We still have two projects left and I’m totally nervous. But, I was offered the opportunity to design the lighting for one of the segments of the dance concert next semester, so I’m extremely excited too!



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