September 09, 2007

First Entry

It’s certainly a bad sign that I ‘m tired and the week hasn’t even started yet. It was a surprisingly hard week at work and I think it’s begining to have an effect on me. I work at an animal hospital and we lost a puppy this weekend, yuck. But, I’m actually really looking foward to school tommorrow, if only for practicum one. I had been worrying about that class all summer for some reason, probably the table saw haunting my nightmares due to my tech theater class last semester, but it’s turning out really fun. On one of the first classes we had to wheel a bed over to TAB for the rehearsals of The Baltimore Waltz. It must have been absurd to see us with a huge bed on wheels running around. It was quite a challenge to get it in the elevator! It’s also really interesting to learn things I never dreamed I would learn, like putting together and moving risers in the flexible theater. I have sat on them so many times and never appreciated how frustating they could be…

I also read Medea this weekend for History of Theater one. I read it way back in seventh grade and it was weird to read it again with a whole different perspective. I think the play was tainted for me because I hated the version of it we watched in class for whatever reason. I can’t say I completely enjoyed it this time, but I felt more compassion for Medea than I did when I was younger. In seventh grade sort I of felt like, “Why would anyone write a play about this horrible, horrible woman?!”, but now I sort of have a perverted kind of respect for her.

On Tuesday my script analysis class is seeing “Don’t Talk to the Actors”. I’m super excited! It’s the world premier and I’m sort of going crazy trying to figure out what to wear. I want to look nice but I don’t want to have to run around campus in something really uncomfortable. At least it isn’t on a day when I have my practicum … I’m also really excited to see I play I’ve read a ton of times on stage. It will be interesting to see if my views of the characters and sets match what is presented on stage.

Well, I have to go for now, but, hopefully I’ll be posting later this week!

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