October 11, 2006

almost there.

First day back to rehearsal after a sick day and “equity day off.” I was feeling a bit ashamed for calling off on sunday, but I truly was SICK and I don’t need to be a hero. It is just that I NEVER call off for ANYTHING.

Anyway today in rehearsal everything really came together. We are one week from preview and there was a concern about one scene getting the musicality of it. After trying several different means to one end, it just came alive. At one point Kathleen was welling up and I, who sat quite still and cross legged for most of the day, shot up and was breathless. I was so moved and finally we were allowed to use the word violent.

Like I mentioned in another entry Kathleen is kind of a “hands off” director. What I mean by that is she doesn’t feed the actors instead lets them feed her and the show. “It’s the difference when working with professionals,” she said today…

This is a shock to my system. But the point is she did not want to use the word violent because it is important that the actors discover the violence without the word itself intruding, what they THINK it means instead of how actions give it new definition.

After the moment in question was achieved she ended rehaersal, because they are ready for an audience and tommorow is the first "crew view."

First when I say ready for and audience I mean; todays run went beautifully and there is no need to mess with it, because everyone will get bored and change things that don't need changing. I don't know how else to describe it.

Second, "crew view"-everyone who will working during the run of the show; stagehands, wardrobe/costume, box office...everyone who desined and pretty much everyone who works at studio gets to come and watch, either because they have to become familiar with the show because they will be running it or won't get a chance to see it.

So tommorow should be fun.

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