October 16, 2006

Good Times

What a weekend! Luckily I had power the entire time, well except 45 min. yeasterday but I wasn’t home so that didn’t count. Anyway Sunday was not only my first rehearsal for “The 4th Wiseman” but also the first time onstage for “Three Days of Rain.”

“The 4th Wiseman” is the next show at Studio Arena and I got cast as a part of the ensemble. The ensemble is made up of all buff state students or recent graduates, originally there were 8 of us but 1 person dropped and the other didn’t show. The cast is made up of 3 equity actors and what I guess is now 6 puppeteers, that’s us.

For our first rehearsal we just went through the characters and got to see renderings of the puppets, who were all designed and being built by Michelle Costa, who I have to say is just wonderful. We then got to see and work with some of the puppets, that was actually the point of reheasal…

Some of the puppets take 2-3 people to operate and some have hands that are actually our hands and feet that are ours. It is and will be challenging because not only do we have to get used to moving with the puppets but also with one another.

Luckily the first puppet/character I operate is with a friend of mine, Afrim, who I have done a lot of work with, so we understand how eachother works and move, we have a good physical relationship. Also the character is very interesting, well every character.

On top of it all, the play is a lot of fun and the puppets are just beautiful, really impressive.

It will be most challenging for me because the puppeteers have to stay kind of dull so not to draw attention from the actual puppet, and I have never been good at not stealing attention so I need this.

Once that was over I went downstairs to the "3 Days" rehearsal. This has been a difficult process for me because I don't do much, but sit there. I am learning loads about acting and directing through observation, but I really like being active. So again this has been another thing I need and have had the oppourtunity to work on; a great test of patience and stillness.

Tommorow is our first day of tech and it's a long one so we'll see how that goes and hopefully I will have lots to do, till next time...

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