November 05, 2006

I know, it’s been a while.

So last time we were entering tech week for “Three Days of Rain.” Well, I really began to feel involved during tech. I felt like a had real purpose, I was a second set of eyes for Kathleen. We were teching for 10 hours a day with 2 hour breaks, then having production meetings afterward. It felt really good that I was keeping track of notes and issues and reminding KAthleen at the end of what needed to be addressed, I felt useful. Which is what I long for in life.

I have to say that Kathleen is much more patient than I. There were moments (which I will not address specifically), design-wise that I would have “outlawed” things immediately and she was always willing to try a compromise befor edoing so. God Bless Her!

Other trials were things like the REAL RAIN! At times it was beautiful but too loud to hear the actors, but everything truly does work itself out and we always found beautiful solutions, bringing in and out, using sound instead…

So tech happened and 10 hours day wan't so grueling.

Opening Night...

I cried like a two year old everyone was so nice to me, Kathleen gave me the nicest card and a beautiful journal as a thanks. The actors extended themselves warmly to me. It was beautiful.

The show was recieved very well, I believe..Tony, I mean, Anthony Chase gave a great review in this weeks ARTVOICE. It was all very pleasing.

I am satisfied with my experience and now must figure out how to sum it up in a paper, afterall that's what you do at the end of an internship.


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