January 2006

January 30, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Everything is getting crazy around here. Rehearsals are going well, everyone is up on there feet and I am feverishly writing and erasing blocking for 3-4 hours per night. The actors are doing well, seeing as they must be off book by Wednesday. I am still a little bored, but only because by the time rehearsal begins I have been at school for about 8 hours and I am getting very tired. Today I am meeting Carol to pull furniture from the prop room. This will make blocking a little easier and make my job much heavier. I will have to find help to set up the scenes now. It is good that it stopped raining. If it was pouring, moving things would be much harder. Tonight’s rehearsal will go well. It will make up for how slow we progressed yesterday. Sunday rehearsal are great, we accomplish at lot in terms of character work, but little in the way of quantity, I mean number of pages blocked.

Classes are becoming difficult. I have about 3 homework assignments due next monday in costume design alone. We are really getting in to desiging costumes for Antigone. The play was interesting, but I am having trouble finding differences in the designs I want for the characters. To stay true to the period it is difficult to create unique individuals. This is more difficult because for this project we cannot use color, everything must be gray scale. Therefore, everyone is white or gray. I cannot use reds or blues to separate or define people. The figure drawing I handed in today was better than I expected. Although, I still have trouble with the proportion of arms. They are always too long. Most people are focusing on what they are good at. I am going to take the approach of working hard on the aspects that suck. Like arms, hands, feet, faces…..basically everything needs work.

The other classes are going well. later today I have movement with Gerry Trentham. We are slowly working on a movement duet project. I am working with Ebony and we have never worked together before. It should be interesting. Although, from our last experiment we both have different interpretations of the project. I take a more abstract view of the project and likes to take things literally, or make a realistic scene out of the piece. But this is just my first impression of working with her, so I could be completely wrong. We will have to see how it all goes today.

January 23, 2006

School is in Full Swing

Everything has begun, at full swing. No one is easing us into this semester. I dropped the intimidating dance class, but not just because I was scared! I was not getting any credit for the long hours of stage management because all of my practicums were finished. It was kind of disappointing and it made me not have the desire to work as hard or put as much effort into my work. I talked to Donna McCarthy and Donn Youngstrom and they are going to give me independant study credit for working on the show. I am soooo happy! So in turn I dropped the scary dance class and am focusing on running the show and my other research heavy courses.

Costume design is going well. We learned about costume plots and the design process. The work seems simple but it will be time consuming. Everything must be very detailed, I can do it well, but I know I will always feel like I am forgetting something. I am ready for the challenge though.

I hate waiting and that is all I do each day. I have so much time between classes and rehearsals. And at this point I do not have a ton of work, i will at the end of this week, so I spend a lot of time just sitting and staring at a computer screen. A screen filled with nothing but useless garbage. I hope my brain does not begin to turn to sludge!

January 18, 2006

The first days of the Spring Semester

School just began and I am already exhausted. I don’t know why I picked having 8am classes when I have rehearsal all night. I was at school yesterday from 8am until 9pm! I need to learn how to keep up my energy. Today I had my first costume design class. It is going to be a lot of work, but really fun. I love coming up with ideas and desiging clothing. I don’t know if it’ll end up being just what I want to do, but it is worth a try. I guess I have to narrow down what career I want to try.

I am taking a couple design oriented class this semester. It is exciting but hard work. Period styles is going to take a lot of time. There is a ton of research to do. It’s not the looking that is difficult, it’s all that citing stuff. I understand why I must do it, but I don’t want to. I never know just where the periods go and what order to put the title, author, date, etc.

Dance class was interesting yesterday. For starters it is at 8am, yeah I don’t know why I am torturing myself! I hope it’ll get me into shape, the price I must pay is being sleepy. I walked in expecting a few dancers like myself, inexperienced and kind of insecure. Instead I find out that modern 2 and 3 were combined! there are dancers in that class! I mean people who have done it for years, people who minor in it, people who call themselves dancers! I was sooo intimidated! I wanted to walk out I was literally shaking! It was so bad, I guess I will try it again tomorrow and see what happens. Wish me Luck!

January 11, 2006

The semester is beginning

Wow. I can tell the semester is about to begin, I feel stressed. I have to keep reminding myself to breathe. Things for Dangerous Liasons are finally coming together. It begins Monday. Donn Youngstrom and I have to create the rehearsal schedule. It is such a tedious task. Trying to work around conflicts and schedules.

I feel sooo exhausted and we haven’t even begun. I am looking forward to all of my classes, but I know that a few weeks into this semester I am going to become overwhelmed. I really need to learn stress management skills! Also today I have the task of pricing textbooks. It sucks. There is nothing more depressing than seeing all your hard earned money going away towards a general education book that wont be used again! but if I look on the bright side, I only have two semesters of book buying left.

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