April 2006

April 26, 2006

It’s Wednesday

This last week has been going very quickly. I have gotten most of my work done, it’s been easier than I thought. The list for Stop Kiss went up this week, I was not cast. But Congrats fellow blogger Jessica. Of course I am disappointed, I thought I did really well. I think I could’ve done great in that cast and learned a lot. There are still Anne Frank auditions in the fall though, let’s hope those go better.

I wanted to go to some other outside auditions Monday but I couldn’t because of work. I hate being on call for work because I can never plan anything. I didn’t sign up to audition for this other place because of my on call shift and then I didn’t even work. I missed out! I have to figure something out with this job, I never seem to get the days off I need.

This Saturday is our Casting Hall Picnic, we are trying something new and outdoor more relaxed event. I know people like to dress up, but we are a social organization and we need to have fun. So we are doing a daytime picnic. I think it will go well. I hope everyone comes. The sign up sheet is on the Casting Hall Board in the Donald Savage building if anyone is interested.

April 24, 2006

Last Monday of Classes

Today is the last Monday of classes, it is the last spring semester Monday I will ever have!!! Wow! The dance concert was this weekend. It was good, I really like Gerry Trentham’s piece “momentum,” not just because some of my friends were in it, but it was good. There were fabulous images in the piece, with the movement and the lighting. I have to write a paper on the show later, I better start thinking about what I want to write.

I have my big costume design project due today. I was not up too late finishing it. I think my project looks good, I just do not know what to say about my designs. Usually I have stories or lots of research, I have stuff, but I feel like I do not have enough. It’s really strange.

The weather is not looking up and we are supposed to have our picnic this weekend. I may have to try and arrange something else. I knew this may not be a good idea.

April 19, 2006

Another Day

Today is going well. The sun is out and that cheers everyone up. I had an interesting day. I had a great talk this morning and may attempt to write my own critiqes on movies or shows. I think that is something I would be great at. I am a pretty good writer and I can use my knowledge of many areas of theater. We will see how it goes. I have to go to class soon and work on a scene. I ran my lines quickly, but there some spots I do not know well. The transitions between sections are difficult. They do not always make sense. Also, I repeat a lot of the same phrases and it is hard to know what order I say the lines in. I think that I know the lines better than i think. i also believe that this scene works really well if I listen. The lines make sense if I just listen to what my partner says.

April 16, 2006

Easter Weekend

I am at home for Easter sunday today. It’s kind of like getting a little break, but not really. I remembered that I get to register today at midnight for next semester. I am excited I just hope I can get into the classes I need! Registering gets some what easier as the years go on, because you get to register early, but it still gets me nervous and stressed. I worked out a real nice schedule for next semester and i want to get into everything. That athletes and honors people get to register first. I kind of understand that reasoning, but at the same time theater majors do a lot of outside work as well. We spend weeks rehearsing and have little time for work or play. I dunno. Everyone should be on a level playing field. Biology majors are busy as well. I guess that is just my opinion.

April 11, 2006

Bright and Early

Another day of school and I am here bright and early. I finished two more items on my to do list, so I feel pretty good. The weather is great today which only means one thing….the temptation to skip class. It’s going to be in the sixties today! My costume design class is cancelled tomorrow, I really should get up in the morning and do research, but I will get the chance to sleep in!!!

I have a new project to add to my list. It is in my movement class. Not only do we have to perform a scene. We know have an ensemble element project. But it is pretty cool because we get to perform it anywhere on campus. My group is water and we have chosen to use the area around and in the empty fountain in the quad. It is a lot of work getting everyone together, but I think it will turn out good in the end.

Countdown to summer………………… 24 DAYS!!!!!!!

April 10, 2006

I can check something off my list

Last week I made a list of everything that I must do for the rest of the semester. Not just schoolwork, but personal things as well. I just got to check a big thing off my list. I finished my paper for advanced movement. I talked to Gerry and he allowed me to extend the deadline. I like have professors who understand that life doesn’t always allow us to get things done on time. Also, I have so many things due at the same time. That is what happens at the end of the year. Everything begins to come to a close and we have to finish all those things that we hadn’t been doing during the rest of the semester. It is nerve wracking to be this close to the end of my college career.

I had advising the other day and Donna McCarthy told me that I will be able to graduate next semester!!! Exciting!!! and slighty frightening!!!

April 05, 2006

Going Strong

I am getting much of my work done, but I do need to keep pushing myself. The weather is getting better and here in Buffalo that doesn’t last too long. Therefore, I want to be out in the sun and not in library. That is the hardest part of going to school here. We want to enjoy the nice weather we get, but there are priorities. There is lots of excitement brewing around here, I think. Now there is lots of graduation talk, talk of the future and other activities happening. We have a thursday series this week. It is a play written by two students so if anyone is interested come see it! Thursday 12:15 in the theater arts building.

Also some of my friends are in another play downtown, which is also written by a student. That should be good, except that one costs $8 and around here $8 is hard to find. I am spending much more than I am making. Rule number one of college…DON’T GET A CREDIT CARD!!! I didn’t have one until a few months ago and now I have debt. It is not extreme, but it is a lot and I hate not being able to pay it all off. So there you have it, a little advice from your friend Emily.

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