June 22, 2009

About last week…

Good morning, I’m Dan Bracey and you’re not.

Good morning, I'm Dan Bracey and you're not.

So right now I'm making copies of the new episodes of Robot Chicken that air next month and decided that since I had some free time I should update my blog. And to let you all know, watch this new half of Robot Chicken Season 4 which comes out July 26! It's hilarious! Their ideas for sketches cease to amaze me...

Sorry, I had to switch discs in the burner.

Anyway, since I haven't "blogged" about last week I'll try to keep you all up to speed on my doings in Atlanta. To start off I've been conforming more scripts, which is what I talked about in an earlier blog when you have to read the script and alter any improv from the actual episode (I actually know the name of the process now). I also deliver mail, which isn't too bad since I get to meet people across the building. One of the employees last day was Thursday so my task was to bring around the "We'll miss you!" card and have the entire building sign it. At first I thought this was going to be a stupid intern task but then I decided to make the best of it when I realized that I could meet everyone that I had sign it. I ended up meeting employees from all over the building, which was cool because some I would never have met since I never deliver mail to them. I met one guy in Public Relations who said he worked in PR for Nintendo of America in Seattle. He said the only reason he transferred here was because all it did was rain in Seattle. He advised me that if I ever planned on living there, go visit and see how crappy it is first, then make a decision.

Besides meeting a great deal of the employees here, I've had to make a lot of drop offs of audio from certain shows to the audio buildings around the city. The buildings are that close to each other, so I usually have to drive a little ways to each place. It's unfortunate that they don't pay for my mileage. The only two shows that are produced for [Adult Swim] here in Atlanta are "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Squidbillies." Whenever they need the audio re-synced or whatnot, my job as an intern is to drive it around town and get it done. On the bright side, I don't mind the Atlanta heat too much since from what I've heard it has been a lot hotter here than in Los Angeles where my other classmates are interning! Sorry guys...I don't mean to brag. Wait, yes I do.

To sum up the weekend I went out with friends I had made from the party I crashed (look at previous blog), which I just found out this weekend that it was invite only. Friday I went out to a bar with them, and Saturday we all went to a free concert where Rusted Root and Guster were playing. It was held in a park and was packed beyond all reason, hence the word "free." Then Sunday for Father's Day I called my father, my grandfather and my friend's (Cy included) and wished them a Happy Father's Day. When my friends asked why I had wished them one I simply replied, "I am just preparing for the unknown. You never know what lies ahead." Anywho, I ended up driving out to Woodstock (not the concert, which actually took place in Bethel, New York) and spent time with my cousin family and their sister's family as well. We ended up just beer-be-queing and swimming in their pool, while getting sunburned.

Now it's back to "work" and the wonderful enjoyment of the Atlanta lifestyle.

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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