June 12, 2009

Week three already?! Holy wow!

Where does the time go? Already week three is behind me… As or right now I don’t want to come back to Buffalo next semester (just kidding Jeff (maybe))…

Since I don't really know anyone down here in humid Atlanta, ended up staying in the first weekend here. During the second weekend I was planning on doing the same thing but I ended up hearing a party going on a couple houses down behind where I was staying. I was contemplating going over but as I didn't know anyone I was leaning more toward no. The mother I'm staying with said I should just try it out.

I thought it out and realized I had nothing to lose so eventually I decided to walk over. I was wearing a multi colored shirt and plaid shorts. I walked up the driveway and to my surprise everyone was wearing white. It was a white party. I looked around, as if I was trying to find someone that I knew, and I was called over by this small group of people. They asked me if I was trying to find my friends and I told them that I actually didn't know anybody and I was from out of state. I hung out with them for about a half an hour until they left. I was then right back where I started. I decided to walk into the house to see who I could meet in there. They had a huge selection of food, "fruit punch", "milk", and "cookies". Another group inside the house ended up talking to me and from then on I became "that guy" at the party. The term "that guy" meant when any of the people I met at party introduced me to anyone else, they always said that I didn't know anyone. Everyone there was shocked that someone would come to a party where they didn't know anyone. They'd never heard of it before. I ended up finding out that it was a going away party and everyone there was between the age of 26 to about 31. Everyone was very friendly and I ended up getting along with everyone. Southern hospitality goes a long way I guess. Every time a group left they invited me out to a bar. I got there around 10:30pm and ended up getting back home around 1:30am. I had a great time.

This week was a lot of fun at [Adult Swim]. I ended up running a good deal of errands; delivering audio discs and hard drives to other buildings in the city, burning multiple copies of television shows, getting free dvd and merchandise, and meeting new employees. I started to get to know the marketing team at [Adult Swim] which is pretty cool. They have given me the task to create slogans to put up on possible billboards around the country. They also asked me to think of some items to create to advertise one of the shows on [Adult Swim]. The show Squidbillies is basically centered more toward the South, since it's about squid hillbillies. Hopefully something comes of it.

All this week I had dinner made for me by the mother of the family I was staying with, which was nice. They all left to go on vacation in New York for seven weeks, so I will basically have the house to myself from now on.

Thursday and Friday were extremely slow. Most of the people that ran the building had gone to the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee on Thursday. There really wasn't much to do except deliver files to the other buildings in the company.

The most entertaining part of my day today was probably talking to Cy (Charles Creamer) on instant messenger for the majority of the day. I discovered that he was filling in for an assistant for someone at his internship at LionsGate. Me being bored and somewhat mischievous found out who he was working and decided to call his extension. He sounded pretty shocked over the phone. I have to admit though he was very professional. I'm so proud of you Cy!

The remainder of my weekend will be going out in Atlanta with my cousin Saturday night and then my friend from Buffalo is in town for a wedding and I will being hanging out with him on Sunday. It should be a fun weekend.

Until next week, PEACE!

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