July 22, 2009

Previously on LOST:

I finished re-watching the complete first season of LOST in four days. I know, I’m pathetic. But I don’t care since it’s an amazing show! Oh, and besides LOST, read on for an update about my fun times in Atlanta.

I hope you liked the pictures I posted in my last entry. I just wanted to show how "abstract" the layout is of Adult Swim, haha.

I know I always say that my blogs are going to be short but I will really try this time to not ramble. Anyway, in my last blog I mentioned that I was going to go to that concert to see a band, right? That band was The Protomen (http://www.theprotomen.com). They're from Tennessee. I've been listening to them for some time and they've never been up north so I decided to go. My cousin was too busy to attend with me so I ended up going by myself. Remember that party that I talked about in a previous blog? I wore my Adult Swim hoodie to that party, and hoping that I would be pointed out again by that hoodie (since I've been told that Adult Swim is very popular down here. Who would have thought?!) I wore it to the concert. I ended up meeting a couple guys from a wedding reception who thought I was the coolest guy ever, just because of that freggin hoodie.

After they left I ordered another beer, I mean glass of chocolate milk and went to stand by the stage waiting for an earlier band to finish. While I was thoroughly enjoying sipping on the chocolaty goodness of my Nesquik, I noticed this man staring at me from an adjacent table. It started to bother me for a little bit until he got up and walked over to me. He came up, said hello and then asked if I worked for Adult Swim. I said yes (as if I would lie about that? Who do you think I am?!). He then asked me if I was on the Bumps earlier this summer (see earlier blog). I of course said yes to that too. He then said that he saw me about a month ago on TV. I was shocked that he recognized me and I told him he was the first person to ever point me out after I was on TV. The guy then asked me what I was there for and I told him that I came to see The Protomen. The guy laughed and revealed that he was actually in The Protomen! So, after that amazing situation, I sat down with his friends, drank some more (he bought a pitcher of chocolate milk. It was very tasty), and talked about where I was from, etc. I then watched him and the rest of the band play their set. Afterward I ended up getting to meet the band and hung out with them for a while. It was a good night.

From the next day (12th) until now I've basically been doing all routine intern jobs. Yesterday I started fedexing tons of merchandise for the Robot Chicken On Wheels tour. Right now I have a crap load of clothing and other merch in boxes next to me waiting to be shipped out. Also, the whole office will be pretty dead until next Tuesday since everyone is at the San Diego Comic Con either working at the booths, on vacation or both.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go. I was on the list of getting a ticket, but you know how formalities are. Oh well.

Until next time.


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