July 08, 2009

The Dan Bracey Blog Experience, Part 17b

I was sitting there, waiting for the bus when all of a sudden a brutal police chase hurtled past me. The fleeing car smashed into a concrete wall, exploded into a giant fireball, molten metal was falling all around me…

I hope that got your attention to read this blog. If it did, you better keep on reading! Don't you dare touch that back button on your browser window! I'm talking to you especially Cy!

Well anyway, the last time I updated my blog was June 22nd. A lot has happened since then from what I can remember. Hopefully I can bring you up to speed without rambling on too much. I tend to do that sometimes, just ramble on and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on...

So, the rest of that work week, and on, and on, and on, kidding! The rest of that work week, from the 23rd-26th. Was actually my busiest week here as of yet. The reason being the release date for one of the shows we make here, Squibillies was catching up with how fast the producers were making them. Me and the other intern had to drive hard drives full of the audio for that episode around Atlanta and make sure they got the where they needed to be to finish up the final version of that episode. On top of that we had to keep making constant copies of that episode and distribute them around the Turner complex; Standards and Practices, Legal, etc. Probably the most entertaining parts of my week was when there was a car chase going on in Dallas, Texas on TV. Everyone stopped what they were doing, gathered around the TV and delivered commentary for almost an hour, as well as how crappy of an anchor Shepard Smith is. The 25th was the same way. RIP MJ.

There was more that I had to do on that day and the day after as well, but it mainly consisted of errands, conforming scripts, making copies, and eating cake. The nights and weekend were the same as well. P90X, eat, sleep, repeat.

The next week of work (29th-July 2nd) was pretty laid back. I figured that since we had Friday the 3rd off that Thursday would be pretty hectic. It wasn't that bad actually. In the first couple weeks I was here, I asked a few of the editors if they wouldn't mind me sitting in with them while they edit sometime this summer (I want to be an editor FYI). Last week one of the editors, Jeff came and got me and broke down the editing process and how they do it. We talked for almost an hour, discussing what needed to be done and how tedious the process is. I discovered that it is a lot more precise and time consuming than editing video I do at Buff State. Jeff said that using Final Cut to edit this certain type of show isn't really what Final cut is for in a sense. It's a roundabout way of editing Squidbillies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force but it is actually easier than other ways. They just use a lot of templates and positioning tools. I thought at first it would be hard but from what I saw it looks easier than I thought.

We got out at 2pm on Thurday the 3rd. My parents and my sister drove down to see me for the 4th. I had a fun weekend. I took them around Atlanta, spent time with my cousins and their baby. Had a BBQ. Went shopping. It was a great weekend. I also saw the film "Moon" the past weekend. If you haven't seen yet, you should. It's really good! I highly recommend it!

Today I just finished cataloging the comedies for a person that works here. It took a while, but the fact that I got it done quickly impressed her. So advice time: Get stuff done quickly. The fast you get it done, the more impressed your superiors will be and the sooner you can be given something else to do!

Hopefully on Saturday I can go to see a band that's playing at a bar with my cousin. Other than that, same old, same old.


"Kill you darlings." - William Goldman

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