August 12, 2009

Dan Bracey’s End Of Internship Rap-Up

So I was really tempted to write this entry as a “Rap” but since that would take way too much time and effort I will continue this blog in my normal fashion; abstract and off-the-wall. Now, if you don’t mind, I order you to continue reading. That’s means you. No, not you. The one to the left..yes you! Thank you!

So, my internship ends on Friday. Every week before this one I was glad that Turner has summer Friday's and we got out at 3 PM. Not this week though. My internship's been a lot of fun. I met some great people, made some new friends, and hopefully made some great contacts that will come of use sometime in the near future. It was a great experience to have. In a way my stay in Atlanta was almost like a three month vacation, but it also was a great learning experience for me too. It made me realize that I still want to become an editor. I also have realized that I might end up somewhere else as well. From what I gathered during my time here, producing isn't that bad of a job, as well as standards and practices. However, standards and practices might look fun to me now because the only side I ever see is people reviewing shows all day and checking for legality issues.

Since my last update, I've probably gone out and done more activities in those two weeks than I have over the entire summer. To list a few, I attended a Braves game, hung out with other interns and co-workers, ____ __ _______, ___ _ ___ _____ ____ _ __ ____ ___ ________, ___ ___ ___ ____ _______ _________. All in all it was a great summer.

Looking back on how I got here, it just makes me glad that I stuck through college my first semester. It was a strenuous one, and if I hadn't I know for a fact I wouldn't be sitting here at Adult Swim today. My brother flies down Friday night, then him and I are driving back up to Jamestown, New York while stopping in D.C. on the way. We figured we would have some fun on our trip back.

If I had to list the Top 5 things I would miss the most down here, 5 being the least missed here they are:

5.The sunny, hot days - The weather has been phenomenal. I now freeze when it's 65 degrees here, so re-adjusting to the wonderful weather in New York is going to be a pain.

4. Chick-fil and Waffle House-A - Do I even need an explanation? They're both the two best eating chains in all of the South! Hands down!

3. Southern Hospitality - I have not met one person down here that has been rude to me. Not one. Complete strangers will carry on conversations with you like you're old friends. Coming down here alone I was skeptical about meeting people at first but it was quite easy since everyone is so great and accepting.

2. My Adult Swim Internship - You probably thought this was going to Number 1, didn't you? I loved this internship. It was great. I really can't say how great it was on paper. You would have to shadow me for a day to really understand by what I mean by the word "great". I honestly can't explain it. Everyone I worked with was awesome. They were all very professional with a humorous side to them as well. So, kind of like my sense of humor! I feel a great majority of them I can contact in the near future and catch up and use as references too. Again, I loved my internship!

1. Everyone I've met and my experiences - I know this sounds like an "all of the above" answer, but it's not. These past three months have kind of put things into perspective about what I'm going to have to experience after I graduate and go out to live in the real world. Like everything in life, it's got it's ups and downs. Just like college this was another chapter in The Book Of Dan. I will never forget my time down here and I really hope I get a chance to come back.

Fellow classmates, I'll see you all in a couple weeks.

Family, I'll see you all in a few days.

Thanks for reading!


"Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy."

- Dr. Bob Kelso (Scrubs)

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