June 08, 2009

First Week at Gunn Films

Well, my first week interning at Gunn Films went pretty. I intern on Monday, Thursday, and Friday - I am one of two interns, since one of them quit before he started. I am the only intern whenever I go in. It has both its advantage and disadvantage. It's great because all of the attention is focused on me, rather than on multiple interns, but I don't get to meet as many people. Still....I am on the Disney lot, so there is a lot of opportunity there. And everyone at the office is very nice.

Gunn Films used to oversee a writing program, so there are several writers whose offices are located in the wing. Things are never dull when they are around!

On the first day, Heather (she is Andrew Gunn's assistant, and runs the internship program) asked me if I have ever read "Save the Cat." She was happy to hear that I had already read it for my script writing class, which I have taken twice. Shortly afterwards, one of the writers came in to introduce himself. After I told I wanted to be a writer, he said he would be right back, so he could show me his secret weapon. This secret weapon also happened to be.....Save the Cat!

Anyway, for the first week, I was given a few projects. Recently, Gunn Films is now able to explore other genres...they still have to go to Disney first, but if Disney does not want to do their film, they can go elsewhere. I just finished reading "The Last Posse" which is a novel about a jailbreak. Basically, I had to write a summary about it, and write whether or not I thought it would make a good film, and what changes would have to be made.

I have been also reading scripts, some of which they have already read and are trying to develop. I also read some really....well....bad scripts. Heather said that while the coverage that I wrote wasn't perfect, it was pretty good and better than some of the interns' in the past.

I briefly got to meet Chris Hemsworth. Well......it consisted of "Hey" "How's it going". He played Kirk's dad in the new Star Trek and will be Thor in the upcoming movie of the same name. He basically met with Andrew so that Andrew could get to know him to see if he would be interested in casting him in a action movie sometime in the future.

There were other things that happened the first week that I know I'm forgetting...things were never dull. I look forward to seeing how the rest of this summer plays out and I'm very happy with my placement.

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