July 17, 2009

Time is Flying

Why is is that when things are going well, time just seems to speed along? Summer needs to slow down!

Why is is that when things are going well, time just seems to speed along? Summer needs to slow down!

Everything out here in LA has been going great. The internship is going well, the weather has been awesome, and I've been keeping busy hanging out with friends that I've made. A few weeks ago I finally got a chance to meet with some of the other interns, so that was pretty cool. I was supposed to go home for the July 4th weekend for a wedding, but certain circumstances prevented that from happening. What would a summer away from home be like without getting into a car accident? Luckily, Jordan and I were okay, though his car wasn't. The car accident basically prevented me from getting to the airport on time, and no other flights were available home that day, unless I wanted to pay about $600. Big no. So I stayed, had a nice weekend, and got a sinus infection as an additional holiday present. Horray. However, it has run its course so I'm all healthy again.

As mentioned, things at Gunn Films have been going well. I have been constantly reading a bunch of scripts so I'm still kept pretty busy. I also read another book, to determine whether or not it would make a good film adaptation. There was a script that I read my first week here that has been in development. Though I can't talk about the script, I can mention that after taking it to the Disney execs, there were some changes that had to be made. A few weeks ago, I was asked to come up with some ideas for the main character - basically, he needed to have a sequence where he had fun of some sort. Last week, I was given the treatment, or outline of the new script, and one of my ideas appeared to be in there! That was kind of neat. I was also asked to comment on everything that I thought worked, and needed to be changed. Sometimes it can be a little nerve-wracking when asked for your opinions, but it's nice that even though I'm an intern - my opinions matter. Heather told me that most of my comments were things that she had commented on, or agreed with. Cool. Also, yesterday I was asked to read another script that is currently in development and to write down 15 directors potential directors for the film.

I can't believe in one month I go home! It's amazing how quickly this experience has been flying by. From back at the beginning of the year, seeking out internship opportunities in NYC, writing over 300 letters to production companies and executives in Los Angeles (well...it was actually closer to 400), to having 12 meetings here in March, to finally landing internship offers and making my way here for the summer - it's quickly coming to an end. But that ending only marks the beginning of a new chapter...with only one semester left, I intend on moving back here in January!

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