June 12, 2009

A fun week two

Time flies when you are having fun!

So this week started off like any other week. It was a big movie release weekend with The Hangover released by Warner Bros. with Benderspink as a producer. So of course with our fellow TFA member at Benderspink and it getting awesome review I had to go see it. ITS AMAZING!!!! If you havn't gotten the chance to go see The Hangover, first of all what the heck have you been doing, and second GO SEE IT ASAP!!!! It's histerical! So make sure you add it to the movie list to see in theaters cause even with rising movie prices it was worth the 11.00 to go and see.

Monday was a normal day at LionsGate, full of reading scripts and writing coverage for my two bosses Lauren and Nick, nothing really exciting happened Monday. I guess I just had a case of the Monday's (thank you office space). Tuesday was the day that would decide if I was going to be able to stay out here in LA becuase it was the day that I had a final interview at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant on Santa Monica Pier. Nervous as hell becuase, like Dan earlier this semester, I put all my eggs into one basket and ran with it. Also, like Dan they fell into the trap of hiring me as a server there. So if you ever find your way out to Santa Monica and are in the need for a nice little snack or meal, PLEASE come by Bubba Gump on Santa Monica Pier and help a poor film student pay his debts....hahaha yea what they say in the movies about film and theater students working as a server or in restaurants is definitely true! hahaha

Wed was another normal day at Lionsgate nothing to exciting except we finally got a second computer from HR so that we can all rotate doing coverage and screening movies. Thursday was another pretty normal day except I love thursdays cause I get to do Yoga X. Its part of the p90x program I am doing and I have fallen in love with it!!! Sorry ladies, yoga x has won my heart and forever will be my number one in life.....just kidding but seriously...i love it. If you dont do yoga, you should, its amazing, anyone who tells you different has never done it before.

Today, Friday the 12 of June was a very interesting and nerve wracking day. Today I was told on Wed before I left that I would be covering for an assistant for the day and to make my way over to this particular EVP's office. Wed I met with the assistant and was told that 'I need to make sure I do this right otherwise I hope you dont take when someone yells at you personally.' hahaha very nerve wracking yet I responded, "Im from New York, I dont take anything personally unless its an insult." She enjoyed this reaction and said that I would be fine just dont screw anything up. AWESOME! So today I began my day early at 815am to make sure that I was here well before the EVP arrived and reviewed the notes. The notes consisted of exactly how to hold calls, make calls, connect conference calls, recieve email, send emails, reply to emails, send AIM's to the EVP, what responses to use, what not to use, what can be touched, what cant be touched, what to file, what not to file....you get the picture. So after reading the notes and kindly greeting the EVP that morning I started the day with huge confidence as I took the first call without a hitch and did everything right. Same with the second call. The whole time I was speaking with Mr. Dan Bracey from adult swim. Unbenounced to me he had found out, by smart questioning, exactly who I was working for and decided it would be a great idea to prank call Mr. Cy Creamer at Lionsgate. Picking up the phone with my usual recited Lionsgate opeining line I was totally thrown off when I heard Dan's voice. Bursting into nervous laughter I told Dan that I could not talk to him on this line and quickly but politely hung up the phone. Awesome prank Dan it gave me a good laugh! hahahahaha

Overall a great second week. If anyone makes there way out to LA make sure to let me know! I love it out here and I now know the reason why my parents never took me here after the age of 3.

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