June 09, 2009

First week in LA


Whats goin on everybody?! Hope all is well over on the east coast...I know Dan and Erik are still over there with you guys while we are all over here on the west coast so make sure you keep in touch with them to. Anyway, I am interning this summer at LionsGate. You all are probobly familiar with them for their horror and thriller movies like Haunting In Connecticut but they also have produced movies such as Crash, My Best Friends Girl and of course the entire Saw Series.

I am interning with the Acquisitions Department, which so far has been great! So far I have read a large number of scripts, most have been bad but that doesn't matter because with each script I read I find something new that I can improve with the scripts that I am currently writing. It has helped me hone my critisisms to things that actually matter when looking at scripts, like Dialogue. Now when it comes to the scripts that I am reading I am under contract as a LionsGate Employee to not disclose any specifics about what I have read so far, but with that said I can tell you that last week I read a script that was written by an Academy Award Winning writer. This particular script I was instructed to send directly to a VP of Production. That took place last week so Wed I will be speaking with the VP and talking to him about the script and the coverage that I wrote for him.

The awesome thing about the internship and working out here is everyone is really helpful. If I have a question or need some advice on writing coverage everyone is willing to help.

I am currently living just outside of Venice Beach with Brooke, another Buffalo State Student that is out here working for Reville. You can read her blog to find out what she is up to. I am currently training for a job at Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant as a Server so that will definitely help me pay the bills that are shortly coming my way for rent and such.

I guess thats it If you have any questions feel free to ask haha.

Keep it real!

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