July 20, 2009

4 weeks left :(

Hey everyone! Sorry about the delay on my updates its been a crazy could of weeks! hahaha

Well here we go. Where did I leave you guys last time. It was forth of July weekend. Man so much has happened since then! So after I went to the Stunt Party meeting alot of great people, I kept in contact with my buddy Matt who has worked as a stunt man on many various films. We have been getting together regularly exchanging some scripts and giving each other some advice. It's been alot of fun so far. At Lionsgate things are going realyl well. We are moving through scripts very quickly so everyone is really happy. I've probobly written over 40 different types of coverage making sure that each one gets better and better. We recently went out to lunch with Jason Constantine and Eda Kowan who are in charge of Acquisitions which was alot of fun. It was great to talk to them and see how they got involved in the film industry and shared each of our stories about how we got our internships haha. Mine was definitely one of a kind haha. It was still alot of fun to hear about how much networking plays a part in how people got to where they are. Like I said in my last blog Networking is the best thing you can do and word spreads very very fast. So make sure that you take each person with a grain of salt because you never know who knows who.
Bubba Gumps is going really well it is alot of fun! Everyone there has been really great helping me get aclimated to the serving life style and the people I have met there are all really great. Many are involved in film which is funny because it totally fits the stereotype of film people serving. I ran into a man who was coming in for an interview and I asked him why he was looking into Bubbas and he said that he was and actor and that serving was something that he felt could help him improve. Bubba's is definitely a great place for that because they are all about having a personality and bringing something new to every table.
Other than that things are really good here. I did have a little scary moment when I was involved in a car accident out here. I was very lucky that both the other person and I walked away from the accident because both cars were totaled. What happened was I had gotten lost on the way home for hanging out with a couple of friends. Not having a GPS on my windsheild I used my cell phone for my GPS. I made the stupid assumption after turning down a street that all one way streets only have a stop sign and no light. Not seeing the side light because of a tree I looked down at my cell phone to find the next street to turn down I ended up going through a red light and getting T-boned. So just make sure you guys drive safe and the money that goes into buyinga GPS for the windsheild is definitely worth it haha. I am totally fine I had a little bit of back pain but that has gone away over the past week.
Again sorry for the delay in blog posts but as you can see I have had a very busy and hectic past couple weeks.

Keep it real homies. Ill put another blog post up next week no worries about that!


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