August 03, 2009

Just booked my flight back to Buffalo :(

Can this summer please slow down just a little bit!!!!!!! hahaha

Time is flying by over here and as much as that shows how great things have been going it is kind of a bummer as well. Lionsgate is a great experience thus far and has been teaching me alot when it comes to writing and film production. I showed one of my student films to my bosses here and watching it again after a few months of not seeing it, along with my experience here, I found alot of things that I did not think about when shooting the film. When it comes to writing it is so important that you shorten stories so that the goal and the audience is hooked quickly. My attention span for films has grown ALOT SHORTER! I find that even when watching films in the theater if a scene starts to drag I just wanna skip to the next scene hahaha. It will be interesting to see this semester what that does to my writing and also my critique of the films I may see. Even though I was honest with people about what I thought of their films, I feel after this summer there may be a few people that think I'm a little too honest hahaha. I am always more than happy to read scripts and watch films that people make but I have also found that when I give my critique there is no reason to take it personally. I understand what goes into making/writing a film because I have done it before and it is nothing against the people involved...its just my honest opinion of what could make the film better or what the film is lacking. It is such a cool process to watch films and then critique them. I have found a new interest in Casting and the process that is involved when people cast the characters for their films. So please ask me to read or watch your films but also remember, and I will definitely tell you this when I agree to read it, that you cannot take what I say personally haahha.

Anyway other than that things have been pretty much the same. Working at Bubba Gumps is always an adventure. Last night I think I did over 8 birthday songs which involve dancing singing and running around the restaurant. Lets just say at the end of the night I was pretty exhausted and I was really happy my friend could drive me home rather than having me ride the 5 miles back home hahaha.

I guess I do not have much more to write hahaha. I will see everyone back in Buffalo in a few short weeks. Hope everyone's summer is going well!

Keep it real homies!!!

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