July 05, 2009

On The Set

June 19, 2009

Alright, there’s a lot of great things, I’ve gotten out of Fox, but my favorite thing is going on set. Today we did a photo shoot for “House,” “Glee,” and “Dollhouse.” So I got to see Hugh Laurie, Elisha Dushku, and all the cast members from Glee. Anyway, there’s one reason why I love being on set!!! It’s not because it’s cool, or because there’s some celebrities, or because I get to meet new people. It’s the food!!! They’re are different lay outs of fruit, candy, cookies, sandwiches, chips, dried out fruit, stuff I’ve never seen but it looked good, and vitamins and medicine in case you get sick. There’s also a coffee place that makes you free coffee shakes, hot chocolate, espresso drinks, all that good stuff. And they also have trailers for breakfast and lunch. And it’s so good!! For lunch, I had steak, with mashed potatoes, salad, fresh REAL lemonade, and some other stuff. And Breakfast I had an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwhich. It made me remember, life tastes good.

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