June 21, 2009

Hello Hollywood!

Hello everyone! I have so much news it's hard to tell where to start.
With three weeks under my belt at Reveille I feel like a part of the team. The people there are amazing and it's a great place to work. I have been working in the business/legal department and have learned a lot about the business side of things. Reveille is involved with so many shows (The Office, Ugly Betty, The Tudors, Biggest Loser, Shear Genius, Buried LIfe....and about 100 others).
Reveille has a deal with NBC so it's located on the NBC/Universal lot. The best part about this is that I get to drive around the lot in a golf cart! haha..Just kidding, but that is a lot of fun! There are always a ton of interesting people around to meet and there are many interns and assistants eager to hang out and share information. As far as celebrities on the lot, I have seen Heidi Klum and Kobe Bryant. Another exciting thing is having access to the different sets. I have been able to walk on several really cool sets including the town the Desperate Housewives live in and the set of Jaws.
At Reveille I am running a project where all the interns create a tv show and we pick the best two and get to pitch them to Reveille executives. This is an amazing opportunity and will be great for feedback.
Another exciting thing that's happening in the next couple weeks is the LA 48 hour film festival. Myself and several people from Reveille have entered a team. It takes place the weekend of July 10th and we have 48 hours to make a 10 minute short! This should be very interesting!

Overall I love my internship and I love living out here! This week I start in a new department, unscripted development (reality tv shows). I can't wait!


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